The Stutz Artists Association

Culture. Community. Connection.

The Stutz Artists Association is a nonprofit, volunteer organization of artists working in the historic Stutz Building in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The organization works to encourage member artists and promote their work by sponsoring many events throughout the year.

The Stutz Artists in 2012

The Stutz Artists Association invites you learn more about the association and its artists, and urges you to attend the events they sponsor throughout the year.

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The Stutz Artists

The myriad artists who make up the Stutz Artists Association all share the common love of art but widely diverge from there. They are photographers, painters, sculptors, silversmiths and illustrators. They vary in age, ethnicities and backgrounds. Some have advanced degrees in art, and others advance their art in degrees. Some teach classes and hold workshops, and others mentor one-to-one. Some produce work that's accessible to a broad audience and sell a large amount of work, while others focus on work that's purely for their own enjoyment.

Many of the Stutz artists have artwork in permanent collections at museums, schools and hospitals. Some are regional and even national award winners. Click here to access more information on the Stutz Artists Association member artists, including short bios and examples of their work.

Our mission is to enhance, support, and inspire purposeful engagement in the arts in Indianapolis and surrounding communities through its diverse membership of artists, individuals and businesses, as well as educational and civic partnerships.

Click here for a complete list of Stutz Artists Association members and contact information (in Adobe Acrobat format).

The Stutz Building

The historic Stutz Business Center is located at 1060 North Capitol Avenue on an entire city block in downtown Indianapolis. The 400,000-square-foot former car factory was renovated in the early 1990s. Its studios and office space are now home to more than 80 artists, sculptors, photographers, designers, architects and craftsmen.

The Stutz Business Center in Indianapolis


The exterior of the yellow brick buildings that comprise the Stutz Business Center has changed little since the building served as the manufacturing headquarters for the Stutz motor car (starting in 1911).

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Stutz Artists Association Events

The Stutz Artists Association sponsors many Indianapolis art events throughout the year including First Fridays, the Stutz Arts Open House, and the Holiday Exhibition. The Raymond James Stutz Arts Gallery is the on-site nonprofit visual art center which provides space for workshops and gallery exhibitions.

Please visit the Event area of this website for more information.

A complete calendar of events can be accessed by clicking here.

The Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery


The Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery is a nonprofit visual art center created by the Stutz Artists Assocation. Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery provides a location for workshops and gallery exhibitions with the goal of better connecting artists, audiences and resources.

Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery also serves to strengthen Indianapolis' place as a unique cultural destination by providing excellent, sustainable infrastructure to support cultural tourism.

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