Lydia Burris, Yggdrasil "Yggdrasil" by Lydia Burris, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 "x 40"



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"Energy" Gallery Exhibition
Opening Reception June 5, 5-9 pm

Five Stutz artists present their own unique visual interpretation of "energy," from a more literal standpoint, to abstract, spiritual, and fantastic representations of this magnificent concept. The artists hope to make a connection with viewers by touching on the theme we all have within us, namely "Energy," the life force that drives us.  The exhibition is open from 11 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday, until June 26 in the Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery. more...

Upcoming Exhibitions

NOTE: There will not be an exhibition during the month of July.
"Gimme Sugar" gallery exhibition opens on
Friday, August 7, with a reception from 5-9 pm. View work by Faith Blackwell and Laura Laforge.
Artist Residency Exhibition opens Friday, September 4, 5-9 pm. Work by Cheryl Lorance, and Marna Shopoff.

Art by Cheryl Anne Lorance

Stutz Arts Residency Application Window Now Open

Application deadline is Friday, July 17, 2015.

Download the application here (complete with all the information you need to know about the process).

Each of the two selected Residents will receive 24-hour access to their own “white box” studio space for the duration of their residency. Each space is approximately 20x20 feet with plenty of open wall space and is equipped with a large basin sink (no hot water), standard electrical outlets, overhead lighting, steam heat and A/C. Passenger and freight elevator access is also available. The Residency studios are located on the second floor of the ‘B’ Building on a heavily trafficked hallway.

Additionally, the Residents will receive a two-person exhibit at the end of their residency year (September) in the Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery.

Read more here.
Read the mid-year update on the 2015-2015 SAA Residency Grant recipients

Donate to "Build a Bathroom in the Gallery"

Washroom, Loo, the "Smallest Room," whatever you call it, we need it!

Right now whenever the Gallery is open, the whole first floor of the Stutz has to be open to allow our visitors access to a bathroom that's all the way on the other side of the building. This limits our open hours and adds the expense of hiring security to our reception costs. We want to renovate a small closet in our gallery space and turn it into a bathroom. (Actually, we think it was originally a bathroom, from back when the Stutz was still a car factory!) Click here to make your donation today.