October 2014 Gallery Exhibition Features
The Work of Lukas Schooler and David Hicks

Work by Lukas Schooler
Work by Lukas Schooler


After almost a full year as Stutz Residents, two of the city’s most talented, emerging artists will showcase their work in the Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery.  The public is invited to view featured pieces during the October 2014 exhibition.

Valued at $6,000 per artist, the Stutz Residency Grant is one of the largest grants to an individual artist in the state.  Through a competitive process, two artists are chosen and awarded free studio space and paid utilities in the Stutz Building for one year.

The exhibition, October 3 at noon with a public reception from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.  The exhibition runs through October 24.  Gallery hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or by appointment.  

Lukas Schooler's Artist Statement

Historical contexts often breathe life into contemporary movements.  By tracing factors like patterns of displacement, distributions of wealth, and growths of industry, we may come to a better understanding of our current conditions.    Schooler’s most recent work draws inspiration from the evolution of the city and how these changes and processes affects the city dwellers.  The city is both a calculated, structural machine as well as an imbalanced, constantly changing variable.  The city dwellers are both the impetus to the evolution as well as the victims to growth, decay, and obsolescence.  Schooler’s installations, sculptures, videos, and performances place the viewers in such a position that they can see both a micro-view of their contemporary time and a macro-view of a time past.  It is in this position that viewers can begin drawing connections to their own personal narratives and come to a better understanding of their role within the metropolis.

Work by David Hicks
Work by David Hicks

David Hicks' Artist Statement

My work explores the language of psychological conflict and trauma. I use imagery as my primary language to tell stories of the inner life. Images are not neutral, but each one loaded with specific associations and conceptual messages. In the process of layering imagery, the original messages of the images themselves become complex, double-meaning, subversive, contradictory, paradoxical, bizarre, and humorous.

At the center of visual chaos in every painting is the hero. The hero is always portrayed as conflicted via gesture or facial expression, occupying a crucial role in the composition that simultaneously holds together figures and façade, and yet threatens to bring them down. I like to think of this recurring metaphor of the hero as a symbolic picture of the true self, couched in the duality and complexity of the human condition; our ability to overcome tremendous obstacles with creative, life-giving power; and yet using that same power to create walls of denial (in whatever form) that keep us trapped, enslaved, and asleep.

About the Stutz Residency Program

Funding for the residency program comes from proceeds from the association’s annual open house. In addition to the open house, the Stutz Artists Association hosts monthly First Friday events, including open studios and monthly exhibition openings in the Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery.

Since its inaugural year in 1996, the residency program has provided in-kind contributions of more than $120,000 to local artists. Previous residents include Mallory Marty, Brian Myers, Emily Budd, Lydia Burris, Joseph Crone, Patrick Flaherty, Mark Pack, William Denton Ray, Jay Parnell, Kate Oberreich, Kevin Smola, Stephanie Robertson, Larry Endicott, Ginny Taylor Rosner, David Kleeman, Kyle Ragsdale, Susan Watt Grade, Emily Kennerk, Heather Stamenov, Lauren Kussro, and Greg Hull.

WHAT: Residency Exhibition
WHERE: Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery, 212 W. 10th St., B110 (Enter from 10th Street via alley)
WHEN: Friday, October 3, 2014, at noon with an opening reception from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Exhibition open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or by appointment through October 24, 2014.
COST: Free
INFO: Leigh Dunnington‐Jones, Co‐Director of the Gallery
stutzartgallery [at] gmail [dot] com

Kelly Young, Baise Communications
Kelly [at] baisecommunications [dot] com

Lukas Schooler
lukas.schooler [at} gmail [dot] com

David Hicks
davidhicks [at] gmail [dot] com

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