Exploration and Growth: September exhibition features work of Stutz Residency Recipients

Galley exhibit running September 3 - 29, 2010, in the STUTZARTSPACE

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After almost a full year as Stutz Residents, two of the city's most talented, emerging artists say their work has evolved and expanded as a result of the experience. The public will have the opportunity to see the results of this growth during the month of September, when the artists' works are featured in an exhibition. The exhibition, "Exploration: 2009-10 Stutz Residents Lydia Burris and Patrick Flaherty," opens Sept. 3 at Stutz Art Space at noon with a public reception at 5 p.m. It runs through Sept. 29.

Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and by appointment.

Awarded free studio space and utilities in the Stutz Building for one year, 2009-2010 Stutz Residents Burris and Flaherty both describe their time as a period of expansion. Having more space dedicated to creating art allowed them to pursue new ideas and improve themselves as artists, they said.

A painter who mixes fantastic, colorful images with earthy and dark tones, Lydia Burris creates pictures that would seem at home in dreams or nightmares. Like the roots that form faces beneath green shoots in her paintings, bits of mystery and whimsy lie beneath the surface of each work, entertaining and intriguing viewers. At the Stutz, she said, she felt encouraged to paint more, experimenting with different styles and pushing her creativity to new levels.

Patrick Flaherty found himself focusing primarily on one series of paintings in his year of Stutz Residency. A body of work that has been evolving for about five years, his Analog Series revolves around anthropomorphized television sets placed in bizarre landscapes and situations. At the Stutz, he said, he delved more deeply into this series, expanding the subject matter and sharpening the stories the paintings tell.

About Lydia Burris
Burris, 30, is an emerging Indianapolis artist. She is a mixed-media painter and illustrator. In 2005, she received an MFA from the Norwich School of Art and Design in Norwich, England. She received a BA from Indiana University-Bloomington with a double major in Fine Arts and "Illustration of Mythology," a study through the Independent Major Program. Burris has been pursuing her art career in Indianapolis since 2007, showing in exhibits at Dean Johnson Gallery, Broad Ripple Art and Design, Big Car Gallery, Harrison Art Center, and the Wheeler Arts Community. She has also participated in events such as Art vs. Art and Masterpiece in a Day. Her "Twilight Revelers" artwork was recently named the 2010 IndyFringe art selection and can be seen on "backer buttons" and in the lightbox on the side of the Firefighters Museum on Mass Ave.

Lovestruck by Patrick Flaherty
Lovestruck by Patrick Flaherty

About Patrick Flaherty
Flaherty, 30, is a painter and printmaker with a Masters of Art and Bachelor's of Fine Art from Ball State University (Muncie, IN). He is head of the printmaking department at the Indianapolis Art Center as well as the exhibitions associate. Flaherty's work has been exhibited at the Indianapolis Art Center, Wug Laku's Studio and Garage, Studio One (Murphy Building), Ashland Gallery and more.

About the Stutz Residency Program
Valued at $6,000 per artist, the residency is one of the largest grants to an individual artist in the state. Since its inaugural year in 1996, the residency program has provided in-kind contributions of more than $114,000 to 19 local artists. Previous residents include Mark Pack, William Denton Ray, Jay Parnell, Kate Oberreich, Kevin Smola, Stephanie Robertson, Larry Endicott, Ginny Taylor Rosner, David Kleeman, Kyle Ragsdale, Susan Watt Grade, Emily Kennerk and Greg Hull.

Approximately 25 artists at the Stutz have open studios on the first Friday of every month from noon to 5 p.m., and Stutz Art Space is open as well. The exhibition opening reception is from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Stutz Art Space, a nonprofit visual art center on the first floor of the Stutz Business Center.

WHAT: Exploration: 2009-10 Stutz Residents Lydia Burris and Patrick Flaherty

WHEN: Friday, Sept. 3, at noon with an opening reception from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Exhibition open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or by appointment through Sept. 29

WHERE: Stutz Art Space, 212 W. 10th St., Indianapolis Please enter from Capitol Avenue or 10th street via Bearcat Alley.

COST: Admission is free

INFO: www.stutzartists.com or 317.503.6420

MEDIA CONTACT: Jen Schmits Thomas, Jen Thomas PR, Inc., (317) 441-2487