Autumn Keller


Isibeal Studio

About the Artist

With nature as her medium, Autumn Keller sees art in buds and berries, in wild vines of bittersweet and trumpet creeper, and in woody twigs and tendrils stripped of their greenery to show their sculptural shape. But flowers in all seasons, colors and scents form the heart of her art. (read more below images)

studio:   Studio 200, Stutz 2 Building
phone:   317.437.9646
email: isibealstudio [at] gmail [dot] com
mailing address:
           Autumn Keller
           217 W. 10th Street, Ste 200
           Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Keller's knowledge of flowers goes back to childhood and happy summer days on her grandparents' farm, cutting dinner-plate dahlias and sweet-scented narcissus. She developed an appreciation for the seasonality and beautiful imperfections of nature's offerings. It was at that tender age that she arranged, learned and laid the groundwork for a future in floral artistry.

Autumn brings her sensibility as a visual artist to her work. She attended the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, and graduated from Herron School of Art and Design where she concentrated on painting, printmaking and art history. She admired the voluminous still life flower compositions of such Dutch and Flemish masters as Vermeer, Utrecht and Rachel Ruysch that influence her floral design.