Terri McClatchie


Artist Statement

Each of my paintings is an adventure and a journey where I feel like I tap into something primal in myself and allow spirit to guide me.  When I find myself in my studio surrounded by hundreds of gallons of paint and chemicals, I get so excited to experiment that I lose myself and all track of time, often going without food or sleep for several days.  At times, I have to question whether I am an artist, scientist, mineralogist, or healer.  Through the complexity of layers and energy work, each of my paintings radiate a unique vibrational frequently into the space around it.  I achieve this with the assistance of Reiki, essential oils, homemade tinctures, symbols, sound, color, textures, crystals, minerals, and metals which help to enhance and elevate the vibrational frequency of my art.

studio:  A320
web:    www.TerriMcclatchie.com
email: terri {at} HealingArtGallery {dot} com
phone:  317.695.3289
mailing address:
           Terri McClatchie
           212 West 10th Street, A320
           Indianapolis, IN 46202

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