Jessica Springman


Artist Statement

My artistic style has been described in many ways, but my favorite is "Vennism" -- breaking apart multivariate reality into constituent and relational elements as separated and nested 2D representations. Everything I draw, or cut, is done entirely by hand using nothing more than a ruler, compass, pencil, pen and/or craft knife. I rarely sketch. I see the finished image in my mind. The challenge, and excitement, is figuring out how to faithfully render it on paper.

studio:   B255b
phone:   317.652.8651
instagram: jmspringmanart
facebook: jessica.springman.1
mailing address:
           Jessica Springman
           212 West 10th Street, B255b
           Indianapolis, IN 46202

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I am inspired by the meticulously detailed works of William Morris and William Kilburn, as well as more contemporary artists like Laurie Lipton, Joe Fenton, and Jake Weidmann. I am also influenced by, and interested in all manner of patterns – from those I deal with in my database and analytical work, to those found in nature (as well as in architecture and industry).

From my perspective -- nothing 'wild' is random, and everything 'natural' is ordered. I like to express these personal truths in my artwork.

The abstract value of my work, whether purely geometric, or combined with realistic "living" elements, provides the viewer with a freedom to see the art from their own unique perspective. They can revel in the detail, be fascinated by the fact that the work is 100% hand-drawn, or focus on the overall composition, and connected relationships.