Carol Tabac-Shank

Tabac Shank

About the Artist

I quickly found my style and voice with the sleekness of the steel rod that I combine with more diverse materials, including glass, stone, wood, and multi-colored acrylic with various lighting effects.

My approach relieves the weight of the steel, giving it a lightness that belies the material that the art has been extracted from. My art creates an abstract realism possessing a quiet sensitivity, balancing between elegance and refined simplicity. I define empty space by trapping it into open metal sculpture so everyone can find their own place within each individual work of art.

studio:   B250
email: cts0316 [at] yahoo [dot] com
phone:  317.809.2648
mailing address:
           Caroline Tabac Shank
           212 West 10th Street, B250
           Indianapolis, IN 46202

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