Martha Lindenborg Vaught


Artist Statement

My work is expressive and  representational with emphasis on movement and gesture. I have a strong background in drawing which I refined working in printmaking: relief; woodcut;etching; litho.  The paintings, both oil and acrylics, feature both mundane and fantastical imagery; color used to express and reinforce the emotional content of the works. 

studio:  C325
email: mclvaug [at] icloud [dot].com
phone:  317.281.9224
mailing address:
           Martha Lindenborg-Vaught
           4910 E 350 N
           Franklin, IN 46131

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The horses are metaphors for life's unpredictability. Classic symbols of war, vanity, beauty, and wealth, I place them in contexts rich with the perils and triumphs of modernity. They flip and throw their riders. In ink washes they nuzzle kittens tenderly in the barn; or throw hooves at the unwise. A major work from this past year explores human cruelty as a horse and her foal are relentlessly by an angry girl on a tractor. Currently imagery features bucking broncos with naughty cowboys/girls exploration of human sexuality.