"Pastiche, a Melody of Printmakers" - Gallery Exhibition in the Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery


Sleep, Sleep, and Dream of Waters Deep by Jill Sauerburger
Sleep, Sleep, and Dream of Waters Deep by Jill Sauerburger


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The Stutz Artists Association is proud to present "Pastiche, a Melody of Printmakers," featuring the work of several local leading printmakers.

The exhibit will open Friday, Nov. 4 and continue through Nov. 23, at the Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery.

Printmaking is one of the most versatile forms of art making. Artists are drawn to its methodology, intimacy, and subtlety. This exhibit will be an eclectic display with examples of many different printmaking processes and styles.

Guests will experience fine art, meet the artists and experience a printmaking demonstration during the opening reception on November 4, 2016 from 5 - 9 pm.

"The 67th St Printmakers are a community of artists brought together by our love of printmaking," said Myra Perrin, curator of the show and Stutz artist. "We met through our years of studio time at the Indianapolis Art Center, and have been dedicated to sharing our art and the various methods of printmaking ever since. Our work is woven together to create a tapestry of inspiration."

Featured artists include Lorie Lee Andrews, Elaine Bennett, Tom Brown, Jody Burns, Chuck Cooper, Susan Fisher, Patrick Flaherty, Melissa Hauger, James Hubbard, Cathy Kravitz, Gina Laite, Myra Perrin, Jill Sauerburger, and Lisa VanMeter,

In addition to "Pastiche, a Melody of Printmakers," the Indiana Recycling Coalition also will exhibit "Art of Recycling," featuring art made from reclaimed materials by winners of their competition.

WHAT: "Pastiche, a Melody of Printmakers" Opening Reception
WHEN: Opening Reception is Friday, Nov. 4, 5-9 pm. Gallery exhibition is open M-F, 11 am - 2 pm through Nov. 23
WHERE: The Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery, 212 W. 10th St., B110
COST: Free and open to the public

CONTACT: stutzartgallery [at] gmail [dot] com | (317) 503-6420| www.stutzartists.com