"Photography and the Violin: Photographs from the World of Violin Making" - Gallery Exhibition September 5-26, 2014

This exhibition documents the intertwining of Todd Matus' photography and violin making careers.  In 1988, after teaching photography for several years at the Herron School of Art, a friend suggested a summer job working on violins from Bulgaria.  The first thing he found was that he could contribute to the visual appearance of the instruments, increasing sales of these beautiful instruments. This lead in turn to the big adventure of traveling in communist Eastern Europe, establishing a violin atelier in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1994, and working with associates in their struggle to adapt to life after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

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Todd Matus - Atelier Office  

The exhibit consists of photographs documenting this adventure, many of which appear in Matus’ book Broken Views.  Also displayed in the exhibit are violins crafted by Indiana makers Alex Leyvand, Ted Skreko, Chris Ulbricht, and Todd Matus.

The month of September brings a celebration of the violin to Indianapolis. This is the first time the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis and the Violin Society of America's Violin Making Competition will be meeting concurrently. 

The Festival of the Violin, September 15 – 21, will be one of the largest of its kind combining performance rounds of the quadrennial IVCI Competition with lectures, workshops, exhibits and the VSA’s biennial string instrument making competition which will have over 400 instruments and bows.

The celebrated International Violin Competition of Indianapolis will be held from September 5 – 21, with performances occurring at a variety of venues throughout Indianapolis.  

The Violin Society of America's Violin Making Competition will be held in downtown Indianapolis at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis from September 15 – 21, 2014.   

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WHAT:  “Photography and the Violin: Photographs from the World of Violin Making” art exhibition
WHERE:  The Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery, 212 W. 10th St., B110 (enter from 10th Street via the alley.)

COST:  All events are free and open to the public.
INFO:  Contact Leigh Dunnington-Jones, Co-Director of the Gallery, stutzartgallery [at] gmail [dot] com or (317) 503-6420